"vintage" design

This is a cute video of children trying to understand technology from 30 years ago, from rotary phones and record players to the original gameboy. What’s really interesting is how they’re able to find new “uses” for each object, as well as that moment of excitement and amazement when they discover what each gadget does.

It’s funny to think how our high tech gadgets of today will probably be viewed by the next generation of children in the same way- who knows what an iPhone 4 will look like to children in 20 years! It won’t be as exciting to play with as an old record player though.

That was great!

That was great ineo. Thanks for posting.

It won’t be as exciting to play with as an old record player though.

Especially between 2:36 and 2:43 minutes…

Thankfully there will always be a few things kid innately understand how to use.

had to front page it: How children perceive vintage technology - Core77

That is wonderful.

I’m 32 and I didn’t know what a couple of those things are!

I’m 22 and I could identify everything in the video. Does that make me old? :laughing:

Someone please check me, this is what I came up with (without reading the french) :slight_smile:

0:20 Nintendo Gameboy Original
0:30 8 track cassette
0:40 Original magnetic floppy disk
0:55 3.5" hard floppy disk
1:20 external trackball mouse
1:40 portable 8 track player, the top thing is eject?
2:05 45 rpm vinyl record
2:45 rotary telephone (I LOVE THESE!)
3:05 is that a LASERDISC???

Great video! I’m 32 also, and I got all the items.

Ah, such fond memories of 5 1/4 inch floppies. Remember sticking tape over the write-protection notch holes? Go Apple ][ !!

I still have my GameBoy. I could probably still dominate Tetris, too.

Love this video. I can’t wait to break out some old stuff to see what my son thinks they are in a couple year.