Video Editing

I am needing to do some light to moderate video editing. Some of the functionality I am looking for are:

  • AVI editing capability so that I can cut and splice previous created .avi files.
  • 3+ audio track capability
  • Relatively simple to pick up … I am not an editing virgin, but it has been 10+ years since I have done it so I imagine things have changed ALOT.
  • Full control over speeding up/slowing down the video footage (i.e. slow-mo or time lapse)
  • Cost - I can get Premiere as an upgrade for $700, so that is pretty much what I have as a baseline for cost.

I have been playing with Windows Movie Maker to get my feet wet again and now need a bit more flexibility. I have been looking at Premiere, I have played with Nero’s editor but would love some advice from ppl who might know more.

Any insight would be great.


if you know anyone with a mac, imovie HD (version 6) is actually quite good. The newest version that comes with 10.5 is completely different but also nice and they are free with new macs… or $80 in the iLife bundle.

Its been a while for me, too but back in the day I used Premiere. I know Final Cut is pretty slick, but I’ve never used it. And since it appears you are in the Windows environment, it might be your best bet. You’ve got lots of control over everything from what I can remember (speed, effects, etc.)

I know a few people…but no one that would let me camp out on their couch between like 9 PM and 2 AM to do what I need to do. This is for a little personal project and won’t likely get any time to work on it during the day.

Ya, this is pretty much where I have landed, but wanted to know if I might be missing something, or that there might be an iMovie solution for PC.

I’ve been using iMovie at work a bit recently and, for a bundled program, it does the trick. Too bad there isn’t a PC equivalent.

If MSMM is not enough to meet your needs and you are somewhat familiar with Premier - I would get Premier. Aside from all the things mentioned, you can layout all your titles and captions in AI and PS with importable layers etc, which imo is a very nice bonus.

Oh yeah, I think there is Premier Elements for about $80, are you sure you need the Pro version?

I haven’t used any of the software except Premier and MSMM, but here are some other popular ones if you want to check them out:

Pinnacle Studio
Sony Vegas studio
Cyberlink Director(?)
Ulead Studio(?)

You should really go with final cut pro, if you have a Mac

If not I’ve used Premiere on PC and it’s decent enough and should do the job

I’m using Premiere CS 4. Pretty slick. I’ve been using Premiere for years and the new version cleans up some of my complaints (titling, encoding problems, etc.).

You’ll need some RAM & a decent graphics card. But if you’re doing any CAD work you already have that.

For PC, an ultra cheap barebones choice would be the nerovision express. You can put in avi’s, edit them, put in other audio tracks and effects, titles, etc… I used to use it to make dvd’s to play on a standalone player back before they could play avis. I think my nerovision came free with my motherboard when I built my own system.

I have nero installed. Its OK. A very small step up from MovieMaker. I actually would stay in MM if I had a choice…found it easier to use.

There’s also sony vegas which I haven’t used but it seems like it has the same interface as acid for music creation which is really powerful, easy to pick up and use:

If it does work like acid, then I’d definitely say to look into that. It’ll also give you more opportunities with the audio portion.
They have home and pro versions so you can find one closer to your budget and feature requirements.

Premiere Pro…it gives full .avi/.mpeg editing capability, supports .mov/H264 exports (needs codec for that though), ample audio & video tracks, audio monitors, full control over playback speed, and is simple as hell!

Thanks for all the input. I have found myself a video editor locally that will be helping me out. I think I may still get Premiere Pro to play with.

Stay tuned, I am working on something you all will hopefully be seeing in the next month or two :wink: