Yo - so what happens when something like michael vick happens right before a launch. WHat do you do then. Or by that point it doesn’t matter cause your work is done.

Just wondering how it’s affecting the corporate and how it trickles down to the designer?

As of yesterday Nike is not going to release the latest Air Zoom Vick, but all of his other merchandise that is currently out will remain on shelves.

Basically, the same as when Kobe was on trial. That said, lets not go Duke Lacrosse on Mike.

I’m not saying he’s innocent (though it appears he’s in some deep trouble), but I hate how our culture convicts people through the media. If it were me in the bad situation, I’d certainly want my due process.

As for the designer I’m assuming that E. Scott worked on the Zoom Vick, and he’s probably bummin’ a bit.