Vetaplast Iglú V1.0.DN3

Mexico, D.F. Industrial Design and Development Depot. from Plastilam Enterprises (Recycled Plastics Factory) located at Tepotzotlán, Estado de México, MEXICO; by LDI Fernando Barragán Aviña.

This design is for an ultra-fast construction without any other tool than a screwdriver and a saw.
The materials list is: A) 112 lineal meters of Vetaplast 10cm X 2cm profile (PEHD -Recycled + Aluminum (tooth-paste tube from Colgate/Palmolive industrial-non-contaminated scrap).
B) 12 square meters of Laminavex 4mm thickness (PEHD-Recycled + Aluminum Col/Pal)
C) 400 screws 3" x 1/4"

This shelter is designed for a temporary settlement in a disaster event. So, 6 victim people can build themselves 8 to 10 units per day without any experience on construction, because the pieces of the shelter structure are easy to cut, fold, curve and assembling.
Laminavex sheet is easy to cut with a knife or other cutting tool, also a saw, and is easy to screw on the structure of the dome. These triangles sheets are pre-cutted with an easy-to-made stencil, so its easy to placing the angles and cut wherever you want some windows and fresh air ventilation entrance.
On the top of the Iglú, it´s a small colored recycled plastic semi-sphere, to recognize your´s at disaster´s chaos.
The Iglú Vetaplast Dome V1.0.DN3 shelter is planned for 5 to 8 people and an option for small WC room.

The dimensions: Height: 2.50 meters.
Diameter: 5.25 meters.
Weight: 140-180 kilograms.

The cost per unit (approx. without shipping): US$650 (December, 2009).

during disaster, can’t you give a free shipping?
400 screws! @_@!!!

let me just get my wallet… oh ooops mine is under the rubble !