Vessel - Your Drink

Check out the latest concept from The Greener Grass.

Vessel is the ultimate in personalized beverages. It’s Your Drink. It’s exactly what the name implies: a system for you to create a drink that’s yours and yours alone by combining flavors and ingredients. It frees you from the tyranny of lowest common denominator marketing that produces the same products year after year without ever really innovating.

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What’s Your Drink?
What would your perfect Vessel mix be? Post your idea!

I thought I should reply with some more images that show more of the context of the product…

I created a detail in the bottom of the glass to help agitate the mixture you make. This is based on all of the gunk left at the bottom of protein shakes that people make. Also, the lid features a hook that replaces the need for screw caps or tethered ones, none of the existing products like this (i.e. Nalgene) seemed both elegant and functional to me.

One thing I found in research was that consumers are really skeptical of health claims because so many false ones currently exist. So to support an honest and transparent message, the bottles include primary research done by Vessel to maintain a credible feel.