Very sober SAAB

Better than Audi Quattro? Because I LOVE Quattro… I’ll have to drive and XWD equipped model some time.

the first idea my mind dropped out by watching the exterior design was … “the life is sweet” … i mean… i didn’t considered any design concept as “belt line” …“rear view”… “strong line character”… why? … i don´t really know …it just come out .

So later …i think … only by watching once and again the photos … i would put more attention to design, but when i was taking a look around to the interior…my first impression was : …ergonomics? functional? … so i just considered “myself: try stop your mind so you can enjoy design” ,

and then … because my impressions of exterior and interior were so far away from one to each other, i decided to read other posts & opinions to have a clearer position of what’s the “big picture” … that’s why i enjoy so much this forums …


This is why I hate GM owning SAAB:

At first I didn’t spot too many similarities…

but now I see it… damn, those two steering wheels are exactly identical.

GM is just adding elements from their library of parts it seems.

“this car needs some mirrors, don’t worry about spending your time designing them, just see what we have in the drawer, pop them on quick. alright, next!”

Also: just noticed the half-blacked-out treatment to the mirrors, looks pretty cool, visually extending the bottom line of the windshield and blacked-out pillars, leaving little slivers of angled silver at the bottom.

Good news for Canadians

Also check out this brand new BAIC C71…

sorry, but it reminds me of the “jelly bean” cars
(or “bar soap” I forget which term was used more)

Saab Automobile today announced the appointment of former Bertone and Pininfarina designer Jason Castriota as its new Design Director.

That is great, good for Jason! And good for SAAB as well. It will be interesting to see what he does there (Just no products with Man or Tide in the name please! :wink: )

I love the Ferrari P4/5 and the Maserati Gran Tourismo he worked on.

Will be interesting indeed. His first assignment is the new 9-3.

But I hope they continue with the 9-5 simplicity path, and not do a 180 to an Italian supercar look.

agreed, the SAAB first 9-x concept car WAAAY back in 2001. And with Audi chasing the BMW wedgy crisp flame lines, I think SAAB has an opportunity to capture the simple Euro designerly look. I love the DRG of this early 9-x. The 9-x concept that followed it a few years ago got a little too complicated, as did the 9-3x concept, thought both were very nice, I think this direction is pretty awessome

9-3x Concept_JPG.jpg

First image of the wagon version. Looks quite similar to that photochop…

I test-drove a LOADED 9-5 a few weeks ago as I’m looking to lease one. Love the styling and the heads-up display is uber-cool. But at $56K, it’s a tough sell no matter how cool it looks. I mean, for that price, I can get an S5, wait for the new A6 or a 5-series. Granted, it’s unique but I doubt many people respect the marque and understand its history and prestige. Granted, I don’t care if I impress anyone with the car I drive but at the same time I’d rather it not get mistaken for some Korean car. Heck, the new Optima looks just about as good. Now if I could just get that heads-up display…

re: wagon

Oh heck yeah. If it comes in a manual, I’ll be looking closely at one…