Very non-traditional portfolio

Hi guys,
I recently graduated with my doctrate in, of all things, chemistry.

I really enjoy doing 3d and products development. I can code and do a bunch of other things and am (perhaps with some futility and naivety) seeing if I can somehow wriggle my way into industrial design.

It can be pretty boring trying to explain things like protein crystallography and microfluidics to someone, so I made a little demo reel, trying to do the best with what I have.

I doubt I’ll net much, but just wondering if anyone might consider this appealing or may have some suggestions.

(“save as” link below…96MB quicktime)

some thoughts:

what kind of job are you trying to get a chemistry or design one? or even cartoon stroke visualisation one? I’m a little confused

what have you got those sketches/cartoons after your introduction? are you saying your like some kind of modern day Da Vinci?

You might want to look at some of your times at the start as I didn’t have enough time to read all the text.

Why have you got fin or e-mail and some mad matrix code up for like 20 secs?

Have you thought of putting it on you tube to make it a bit more accessible, and get some feedback?

I also did a show reel of my 1st yr work at uni you are welcome to check it out (Luke Woolfson, Industrial Designer in London, United Kingdom) it can work as a nice intro about you…or it can pigeon hole you into beceoming the visualisation guy…depends what you want

I think that the context of this video is confusing, what type of job are you looking to land?

With a doctorate I’m sure you have some valuable knowledge of your field, but I don’t think IDers are going to take this to seriously. Have you looked over this forum and read what the skills sets are for product design, if not do so. Just look at the portfolio section

Take your reel a little more seriously,

“I’ve built alot of stuff and published a lot of papers”
does not sound professional, nor does “I don’t have a job yet”

demo reels are about meat and potatoes not garnish

I think this should be on a t-shirt…but maybe meat and veg instead of potatoes.

after seeing your portfolio, i think the best way for you is graphic design. your sketches and characters are pretty good.

BUT, what I figured out from your work, you have so much unrelated things in the portfolio and its hard(as a viewer) to understand what you really want to show. and couldnt figure out which branch you want to be in? ID or graphic design?