Very Interesting....

Hey everyone, I just started using a free online tool called Harbor, it’s made for designers and I found it at I’m finding it so easy to use for visually bookmarking and quick mind-mapping. Just wanted to know if anyone else on this board is using it, what kind of projects they’re working on. Also, does anybody know anything about the company that made it?

I actually have been using Harbor for the last 3 weeks or so. from what I know, the tool was invented over a couple years as the topic of a thesis for an ID student. It had to do with making research more efficient for designers. Anyways, I love it because it’s so simple to use and there is really nothing else like it out there. My guess was it wouldn’t be free for long so I decided to download.

That’s good news, I would like to try it out soon as well.

You can find the designer of this tool under this topic:

Hi my name is Carson and I’m the inventor of Harbor! When I was an undergraduate ID student, I began studying Flow State psychology and observing how designers work. I discovered that so many of us were storing so much of our process on our computer desktops/leaving tabs open/bookmarking everything and scribbling down quick thoughts on paper. After a lot of testing, I designed a tool to make the process more efficient. I hope you really enjoy it. I really appreciate your support, it’s taking off like crazy and I’m glad designers find it useful.

I actually recently posted on the Projects board, I’m glad to see people discussing it on here. I would love for you to spread the word and keep the downloads coming!


I believe you can find the designer in the first two posts (and possibly the third) of this thread.


It is pretty amusing to imagine the inventor having a forum discussion with himself…

I like to say, “When I talk to myself, I’m talking to a mighty fine guy.”