Very interesting resume question for the pro's out there

Hiya, long time caller and listener. Some of you might know my story, I studied design but I graduated just right before the crash in late 08. Since then I have been extremely fortunate to have a job in post-production-film/animation. Its a great gig, dont get me wrong, but its not my path. I’ve been working out a slow plan to get myself back into an ID related field and so I have been working on design projects outside of work.

The question is this; during my time at the company I am with I was never an employee. I was and still am a contractor. What I have to wonder is if I should list (on my resume) individual jobs we have taken on (usually very well known jobs by very well known clients) or if I should only list the company I have worked for, listing only job duties with maybe a passing mention of all of the major projects we have done?

Any input would help. Thanks!

This makes the most sense. Something like-

Freelance contractor for X Company XXXX-XXXX (date)
clients/projects/responsibilities included-
A - Did a/b/c
B - Did d/e/f
C - Did …
D …
E … etc.

That way it’s all clear in your relationship to the projects and the company who those clients worked with, and your involvement in the projects.

How did you get the animation/film production contract???!
That is what I want to do!

I think the big big ones should go on the resume like rkuchinsky said, if you have too many and it will make your resume 5 pages then leave the smaller ones to be found in your potfolio pieces / demo reels.