Very concerned at being different and creative: Need advice

I am always different from people nearby me as far as I know.

I try to express my real self. Am very interested in futuristic stuff, cool aesthetics, colors, beauty, nature, beautiful houses. I see every object as a beautiful creation, even a foot print on soil

I love playing all sorts of sports (Football, carom, field hockey, volleyball, and recently learning table tennis). I watch TV a lot. All sorts of programs ranging from music, future technology, cartoons, and extreme engineering to commercial movies which has all cowboy stuff. I also read a lot of novels especially the Sci-Fi ones and the ones like Da Vinci Code. I can also tell a lot of stories in science fiction on my own.

I love music a lot and enjoy playing Bass Guitar.

I love travelling, see exotic places, learn a lot from others and appreciate people for their cool work however insignificant it may be.
I am presently working as a Concept product development engineer since my undergraduation for 2 years now.

Why I am saying all these info about me is;

Oflate, I have found that Stanford’s product design school seems to be an exotic place to learn product design with out any inhibition for one’s creativity. But I am more concerned with how to express my interest, and enthusiasm because I want to enter that school.

A lot of information is available on the www that guides how to present a portfolio and how to write a letter of intent. But all these things seems to be a set of rules which is terribly inhibiting my creativity. I fell concerned that if I present my work in anyother format other than the usual portfolio and SOI writing stuff, will they accept? And I want to get through the selection process desperately at the first atttempt because the examinations, portfolio preparations and maling those are costly in my country.

Please all those experts in the Design and Creativity field, input your thoughts in this regard.

The rules for how to submit your work act as a way they can easily compare prospective students.

The challenge is to be creative within that. It is relatively easy to be creative when there are no boundries, the challenges you will face as a designer will focus on being creative while obeying a set of parameters, so think of it as practice.

“…being creative while obeying a set of parameters…” This piece of advice, I’ll really take into account. Thanks YO :smiley: