Very Complicating Decision to Make

I was accepted to CCS, Pratt, and RIT.

I applied for PRODUCT DESIGN.

CCS and Pratt are my two choices.

Some people say that the quality of CCS students’ works is higher than Pratt’s.

On the other hand, some say that Pratt’s name value is much higher than CCS’s.

What do you think about this?

I think you need to visit both schools if you haven’t already and really make a decision on where YOU want to be.

If you work hard you will get a good education anywhere in the country.

Also - college is about 4 (or 5) years of your life. If you are living in a place that you can’t stand, you will be miserable and no amount of quality education will change that.

Also look at student portfolios and see what kind of work seems to resonate with you more. Different schools have different projects which certain areas better than others. I’ve seen a lot of Pratt work that was much more traditional (furniture, housewares, etc) which going into ID I knew I wanted more of a focus on the technical side of product design - more of what you would probably find at RIT.

Either way, no amount of internet speak will really give you the experience - plan a trip to both schools to get a feel for the life, the neighborhoods, etc.

+1 to Cyberdemon

Additonally think about where you want to end up and do some research to find out what kind of schools your goal employers/ profession value.

I can’t visit both schools cuz I do not live in US.

To be honest here - if you’re about to spend over $150,000 on an education I would still really consider taking the flight over from wherever you live currently. Pratt is right by JFK which should make flying in from any part of the world fairly reasonable.

Personally I would have no interest living in Detroit unless I was really trying to get into the big 3. Brooklyn is expensive to live in, but it’s manageable and living in NYC certainly means you’ll have a lot more cultural diversity and things to do.

Hate to throw this one out there, but the difference between the two is very minimal. And it will ultimately be up to YOU to perform. You can’t expect your school to provide you with better opportunities, they are up to you and only you.

Pros, you’re in NYC
Cons, a little disorganized. They don’t have a head of the department yet

Pros, Very structured rigorous program
Cons, you’re in Detroit

So the question that only you can answer is will you flourish more in the stimulating environment of NYC but with out much structure from the program, or will you flourish more from the structured program of CCS but in a less stimulating city?

Or go to RIT and play in the snow? :smiley:

RIT has a pretty strong program as well - especially if you are leaning towards the more technical side of things, but Rochester is painfully cold.