Very best learning materials

For many years I’ve wanted to be much better at design sketching. I’ve been going through a lot of design sketching tutorials on youtube and found most of them to be highly impressive but not really at all helpful for my sketching. Despite reading a lot on core77, I couldn’t find anything to give some sort of overall… philosophy I guess… of sketching.

Apart from a degree course, I started to think that the only way for me to learn drawing was to take courses like this one, but that’s impractical for me to travel to.

Yesterday I found this video and it’s just what I had been looking for all this time Drawing skills for Industrial Design artists - YouTube

The thing I like about it is that a) it gives me a reason to practice the exercises and b) it’s interesting to listen to c) it makes learning drawing accessible.

Are there any other sketching videos that are as helpful?

I think everyone has to develop their own sketching philosophy at some point and that comes with time. To me the best sketching videos are the ones that inspire one to practice and keep going on their journey they are far more beneficial for me than an educational sketch video. I recommend you checkout the books on sketching skills thread on core good stuff there. link books on sketching skliz...?