Vertical Worlds: A fascination with skyscrapers

I recently took the time to write and design an article about my fascination with supertall skyscrapers and amazing skylines from around the world. It’s part of my ongoing experiment in blogging (designing each post rather than just writing it, not a particularly new idea I suppose).

Anyways, I was just looking for some feedback on it. It was a real struggle showcasing something like skyscrapers and skylines to any effect without using really big images.

Any thoughts or advice on how well the text and image work together, or any other comments, would be greatly appreciated.


Looks really nice, I like that it’s more then just a generic blog. I love skyscrapers too, I have been admiring them the last few days I have been in NYC for work. But no love for Chicago? Tallest building in the US, and more top 50 tallest buildings then NYC. :smiley: I can’t wait to see them blown up in Transformers 3 this summer.

Wow, this site blows my mind. I have to read it when I get home. It looks incredible!

Sick! Nice transitions, really conveys big space!

Ditto I will read it after work.