Verizon $50 Rebate Rip off ???

My wife and I have both been attempting to claim our $50 rebates after purchasing new phones from Verizon. We were told that we would receive an acknowledgment email upon receipt of the necessary paperwork.

My wife submitted her documents nine weeks ago. Four weeks ago she called Verizon to see what the situation was and was told that they had not received the necessary rebate request paperwork. Last night she called again, after having submitted duplicate documents, and was, again, told that Verizon had received nothing.

I submitted my documentation about five weeks ago and as yet have received no email acknowledgment.

Being somewhat of a skeptic, I googled “Verizon Rebate Complaints” and “Verizon Rebate Scam” and was not really too surprised at what I found.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced a similar problem with Verizon’s rebate program?

First I’ve heard about it. I’ve done the mail in rebate twice on my new-every-two plan and never had a problem. Could be a sign of things to come…