so no one on the board uses the verithin pencil any more? and therefor have no tips for its use?

Prisma colors man.

I use the verithins, I’m too heavy handed for prismas. But I force myself to use them to make me sketch lighter. All about to be for naught(?) once that tablet comes in. Other than that, for thumbs I just stick with the uniball micro pen

i use vrithins, if your real light with them you can put tria’s over top and they don’t get all crappy on ya. just keep them sharp. I use like a bunch of other stuff too , for sketching.

That means is not present?

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Use them just like any other pencil!

What type of tips are you looking for?

i like using verithins as a change from my bic medium or bic ultra. they are obviously harder then prisma’s and therefore leave u with a lighter line… i finish up a sketch with a prismacolor always. i like using pencils instead of pen sometimes because i can be more gestural with the way i hold it, as in more of a sideways approach.(that grip makes it easier for me to draw ellipses also…) imagine how u would hold a spatula as opposed to the standard way of holding a pencil, thats what i speak of.

some tips for verithin…
-keep it sharp!
-try holding it different ways…
-maintain a nice hard/soft pressure (lineweight)
-dont go too dark too quick
-try breaking them in half and using a half pencil(make u hold it like a spatula)
-just be loose and have fun…its sketching!

I HATE PRISMA color! It seems everytime I buy them, because they are so soft, the lead is broken in 10 spots, rendering the pencil useless! I’ll stilck to my crayola pencils (not kidding!) and my verithins haha.