verithin and prismacolor sketching leads

has anybody come across coloured verithin or prismacolor drafting leads for mechanical pencils ? i’m looking for thick ones, 2 or 3mm in colours like indigo blue. i like really hard or soft quality leads like these brands or the equivalent of (i have seen some for sale by berol, sanford and a few others…). although i’m starting to use a wacom pad, i’m still old school about the ol’ pencils and i’d rather use these leads for now than constantly stop to sharpen pencils and waste the trees maaaaan :wink:


I am curious about this as well. I am considering performing surgery on the regular ones to get some lead, but I would like to avoid that if possible. Let’s start a petition and maybe they’ll start making it. Make my name second on the list.

Yeah I knew a guy that worked at an engineering firm that took all the remaining blue pencil leads for his design sketching. As far as I know they haven’t restocked it.

not exactly prisma but they sold some colored lead for mechanical pencils at my old campus - BYU in Utah. don’t remember the brand tho.

I have some Turquise Prismacolor drawing leads They come in a case of 12 leads to be used in a lead holder. They are Non-Photo Blue

They sell them on AMAZON and are 2MM.

I also got these red 9mm Pentel leads on eBay.

Anyone have any more leads on this?? I sure would like some Green and Red 2MM Leads!!