veneer thickness for small table?

for a small side table formed from plywood, what’s a good thickness to start laminating with? it must to be somewhat bendable, but sturdy enough and preferably no (or little) “springiness” when dry.

springback is a function of number of layers.
sturdy is a function of the base material.
you can use a more flexible material and make it thicker to gain strength.

Is this related to the model from your other thread?

On veneers and laminates you don’t need much, as the point of using these is to save money on materials. For instance, when I worked with a custom furniture co. I learned the standard thickness of commercial laminates (Formica, Wilsonart) is 1/8" for furniture, thinner for wall coverings. I would suggest using as thin a veneer as possible, and adding layers to gain thickness if necessary. I wouldn’t worry about spring back or stability with the veneer because the subsurface is supposed to be providing structure. The veneer is generally just for decoration and finish.

If you need some tips for actually applying the veneer feel free to pm me, my sculpture teacher showed me some pretty cool tricks with veneer.

all depends on the grain and what you want to do with the veneer. you can get wood veneers in 1/16"-3/32"…

contact cement is the usual adhesive for veneers

hey I appreciate your help folks!

nospec: no this is a new project, it’s actually a personal one. since i have the woodshop available at school, i feel it is my obligation to make the best use of it as much as possible during my time here. while i’m just a n00b in the wood shop, i feel a great sense of relaxation working in there… it’s like a second home or something… seriously… sounds weird but its true. i love computers and sketching, but i definitely feel more satisfaction when I see my designs actually come to fruition rather than remain a pretty rendering.

carton: thanks dude i just might need some advice as per your suggestion. we have a class that i’m taking next fall called Ornaments… it’s all about the decorative elements of wood furniture. when i’m nearing completion of the raw form, i’ll prolly be needing those tips.

cryzko: i’ve been using yellow wood glue and it seems to be holding up fine. does that differ from contact cement and if so, could you elaborate? i have no experience with contact cement. to be quite honest, i’m afraid of having my hands turn into “paws” from too much adhesion that won’t come off in water. :slight_smile: