Vendor Demos

My company has a list of prototype, hardware, and services vendors that provide products and services that are useful for ID and engineering projects. I am interested in inviting these vendors to come in to the office and give a demo of what they can do - pretty standard stuff. I have seen lots so far but I am always interested in new things.

My questions for the forum:

  • Have you ever seen a vendor demo that made you think “Wow, I wish I would have known about this product years ago!”, if so, what was the product/who was the vendor?
  • Have you ever done an amazing or interesting plant/factory tour, if so, where?

I realize that vendors can be regional specific (I am in Chicago), but I just wanted to see if anyone has come across something really great (and wants to share it) that I could add to my list and share with my coworkers. I am open to pretty much every suggestion, so if you have one, please post about it.