Vehicles spotted in your neighborhood

It looks like a Chevy Traverse from the rear.

Yeah exactly one of the ‘isolated moments’ I was referring to. By itself, its neat. Then you look at the side windows with ‘normal’ trim and consider gouging out your eyes Oedipus style.

In all black, the XM looks slightly better. That window trim that is normally anodized looking is such an ugly scar.

Richard: You gotta be careful getting those photos. People might think you like it.

Without googling it,what is it?

As I am contributing from Europe I will not spoil it that fast… It is the decendant of a car, that was named after a famous wildcat. But is neither a Jaguar nor a Buick.

Pantera lineage?

It was parked next to 968 convertible and at first I thought it was just a 924, but my Porsche radar wasn’t going off. I wish I had taken time to look closer when I was there. Seems like a special car.

You found this in Canada? Tres rare, non?

I’m thinking more LANCIA – Stratos heritage.

mo-i: Might be the only one. Definitely imported decades after it was built.

Montreal is a very weird car city. In the US, you go to a car show and someone has spent tens of thousands completely redoing a '57 Chevy, polishing every nut and bolt. In Montreal, people import old Alfa Romeos and leave them on jack stands in front of their office. I really don’t get it.

Matra Murena, apparently registered in Tarn-et-Garonne, notable for those three seats across.

I hitched a ride in one, in Italy many moons ago.

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