Vehicles spotted in your neighborhood

Also …first kid free weekend (grandparent sleep over) in a long time finally have me time to wash, clay bar, paint correct and wax the V-wagon. Might be first time in 4 years!

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I almost never see these Th!nk EVs anymore. I always thought they were a neat design with that full glass back. The plastic body panels often faded. I just imagine the owner of this one using Meguiar’s back to black once a week to keep it looking this good! :sweat_smile:

I’ve never seen that color combo, that looks awesome.

Four generations of Citroën rotting on the street this afternoon.

That is an impressive, cohesive and well rounded amount of neglect.

Love Kensington. I figure these 4 cars are the same owner, all parked together. There was also a Range Rover convertible parked across the street, probably same owner again as it is the same color.


a convertible evoque :frowning: thats why it was parked over the road :smiley:

American muscle in SoCal.

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Here are trucks doing truck things.

Not my exact neighborhood, but we road tripped this past weekend to the Reno Air Race.