Vehicles spotted in your neighborhood

Small boi :smiling_face:

Lifted smart? Didn’t get to pass and see the side view.

Lifted Overland Smart Cars are a thing, too… so weird.

I like em a little older and dirtier.


I’m in Qingdao. Our supplier rep drives this Zeekr 001. Looks like a lot of different things, overall attractive. Interior is Alcantara, glass, shiny surfaces, not large. Sporty feeling.

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oh, nice! I’ve watched a few reviews of these online! They are going to be for sale in Europe soon I think.

The outboard lights were a bit of an oversight.
They had to be added for legal reasons as the main rear light clusters are too far inboard

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There is 2003 MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS E320 in my neighborhood which is going away in some days since its already sold by my neighbor.

Makes sense. Its a Geely brand which already has infrastructure around the world. Volvo, Polestar, Smart, Lotus, and of course their home brands Lynk and Proton.

Also I learned that its straight-up illegal to modify your car in China; even getting different wheels, you need to maintain the same size. With EV there’s no modding available anyway.

Also I learned that trucks in China are required to be disposed of after 15 years.

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Worse in real life. Looked like a bad body kit on a Scion.

It has been awhile since I’ve gone to a cars and coffee.

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Someone a couple of blocks away got this…

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That’s pretty decent given the current state of affairs.

Like pining for GWB during the Trump administration :upside_down_face:

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It must have just gotten ceramic coated or something because it was shinier than if it was new! I always liked those gen 1 z4 coupes personally.

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This really looks like that car.

haha. I just noticed the angle makes it look like a wagon or something with the van behind it. It’s not. Just a stock kind of rat rod patina’d Fairlane I think it is.

That Audi wagon is quite a looker. I’ve always driven hatchbacks/wagons and love their practicality while still looking good, while the world moves towards SUVs. Please, more wagons like this!

(Will also accept Volvo’s current designs.)


@Scott_Sommerville_c4 that was the first time I had seen an RS6 Avant, they only brought a few to the US!.. didn’t need to be lowered though in my opinion, but still super nice of course. There was an RS7 there as well with the super charged v8 from the R8… those things are so stinking loud. I not a fan of that part about car shows.

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There’s 2 of those RS6 wagons around the corner from me I see regularly. 1 black and 1 a dark high flake metallic black/purple. The black one is pure Batman vibes. All blackout trim. No chrome. Much nicer than the contrasting bits to highlight the form and those huge wheel arches!


I could definitely level up to one of those and trade in the V90.