Vehicles spotted in your neighborhood

Lots of nice metal street parks in my hood, inspired by all the shoe threads on what you are wearing today, I thought it might be fun to do one in transportation around what you’ve spotted today. From my walks withe the dog on the past couple of weekends, around Polk St, Union St, Chestnut St, and Fillmore St in San Francisco.

The beet up 356 is right around the corner from where Steve McQueen’s apartment was in Bullitt!


a few more:

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Damn… the affluence of San Fran comes in all shapes and sizes. Love that old Bronco (right? Bronco?)

Didn’t grab a pic, but saw a bright orange Gallardo driving the salty, sandy, snowy streets of Minneapolis the other day. Seemed very out of place.

NURB: We definitely need to tour our neighborhoods. “Here is a vintage 1998 Chevy Cavalier with no floor pans left from winter rot”. Wow.

The 356’s just make me angry that my dad sold his. My bro has a '62 with sunroof though. Unrestored & clean. My dad is working through a '72 911 right now. Barn find from Oregon.

Whoever owns that Cobra replica (has anyone seen an original?)…guy should be shot for putting those wheels on. What was he thinking!!! (BTW, not sexist…just sure that no women buy Cobra replicas).

Great idea ! Yo. I’ll reply with pics within the next days.
Mr.914: In my book those rims are “interesting”, but not wrong at all. There are so many wannabe
Cobras arround that all look the same. The contrast between the off-black wheels and yellow body
works for me. Better than the glossy black/ yellow that can be found on Mini.


I’ll see if I have pics, but there was a real 289 cobra that lived near me in IL.

I saw this in Jackson Square. It had a disabled sticker and was parked in a disabled spot:

I am amazed that anyone with a disability could get in and out of this easily, but good luck to anyone who can (also nice that it’s not just a functional, clinical vehicle). My uncle has a van with a ramp so he can get his wheelchair in and out, he always has problems with people parking too close to the back doors. That said, at home on the way to work I pass a motorcycle with a disabled sticker.

I’ve seen lots of Panameras in San Francisco, but no Quattroportes. I also saw a convertible Buick Skylark in almost showroom condition, next to a ‘Brady Bunch’ wood panelled station wagon- welcome to America.

In addition to freelancing and prior to a “real” job, I had several jobs to pay the rent. One was restoring vintage race cars. I worked on 3, 427 Cobras and 2, 289 Cobras. In addition to those, I probably drove another dozen at the race track. One of the perks of being a grunt for rich guys is they let you drive their cars. If I look hard enough, I have a picture of a Cobra Daytona Coupe. Probably the rarest car I have ever driven.

Sorry, no scanned pictures of the Cobras (no digital cameras back in the day). But I did scan a picture of my favorite car I worked on, a Ford GT40 that came in third at Le Mans.

Here’s me working on it. Check out the sweet vintage (not at the time) Stussy hat.

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iab: You are a stud!

dang, yo… . wish you had posted this Friday afternoon. Just down the street from my house, the “Dough Nut Shop Car Show” (because it started as the meeting place for the local street rodders) is loosely (very loosely) organized by the Pismo Derelicts, and is an impromptu vehicle show that occurs every Saturday morning in Pismo Beach. Bikes, cars, trucks, foreign and domestic … over a hundred machines showed up this week.

This 1935 Pontiac was my favorite, this week.

@ iab. I’ve contacted the authorities about your aberrant overly joyous behavior. You’re having way too much fun for one person. They should be there shortly, please go along peacefully… :wink:

Hell, I’d have to go no further than my garage for that kind of find…

There aren’t many garages in Montreal…sadly:(

Poor night shot, but the car is a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 with a white interior and pretty nice rumble (it was just idling there, empty, behind a Roush mustang) in Grand Rapids. It had 1973 license plates on it also.

A few I have spotted in various cities over the past few months, always on the look out for hot bikes and cars…

A few more…

some more vintage goodness.

Now you are just hurting me…nice Karmman-Ghia.

I’m sure once the snow melts there will be some cool cars to snap pictures of. Great thread. I’m not sure I would want to drive a stick in SF, the hills are crazy. Yo, is your TT a stick?
Picture 15.png

Great Thread! As we are in muddy late Winter arround here, still,- there are not many classic cars on the road.
At the moment and I’ll refrain from posting shots out of the Meilenwerk classic car center for now. This would
stretch the “in your neighborhood” part a little much.

So instead I’ll give you this rather ungainly beast. A combination of VW Golf I Convertible and Golf Country
into a Country Convertible, that I spotted at a farmhouse located between office and home. I think the builder
was a “Brose” company, but can’t find anything online. See for yourself:


EDIT: No, it is a “Biagini Passo”. Top that in exclusivity!

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That is a rare one mo-i

A few from a morning walk with the dog. This first one is for you Raymond.
There was a tuner show don at fort mason, so some of the cars lined up to park.