Vehicles for Senior citizens

I’m in my late 60’s with normal problems of aging. Have been driving Explorers for 20 plus years. Still need a SUV for
mountain driving. Want a smaller car without a running board access. Looking for comfort, ease of access (noticing problems with high lip & deep wells, also narrow door openings), easy to read gages, power liftgate, plus the normal
concerns of reliability and safety. Am currently considering Ford Edge Limited and Lexus RX350. Any other suggestions for a vehicle or concerns I should be considering?

For what you want the Ford Edge and Lexus are good choices, I was going to say maybe a Subaru. I personally think that the Lexus is a good car but should have been further redesigned for 2010, it looks very similar to the one from 1997. You can get both the Edge and RX as a hybrid, the RX hybrid has more power then the standard. The Toyota veinza may be something to look at or the Lincoln thing that is the same as the Edge. Do look out for 19" wheels, 19’s suck to buy tires for. You want 18 inch or smaller or 20 inch or larger (but this is very expensive too, however still cheaper then 19’s). Good luck

My Mom is in your age bracket and loves her RX. She’s 5’1" tall and has few problems getting in and out. I’d recommend it.

How about an Acura RDX or Honda Element?

I have a Honda element and my 85 year old grandma has a really hard time getting in and out of it. I don’t know why because it looks like it would be easier than a car. I have test driven the Ford Edge and I really liked it, but I don’t know anyone who has one! I don’t think you can go wrong with a Lexus or Acura, those both have superior qualities to other cars.

wheelchair van

I would recommend an Infiniti FX35 or Audi Q5 if you are in looking for a more luxurious AWD ride and a vehicle that can do some mountain driving. On the lower-end of the AWD car-like offerings perhaps you could consider a Mazda CX9 or a even a KIA Sorento…both a pretty good value and descent designs.