vehicle designs in ind. design portfolio..?

i am applying to both trans. design and ind. design schools and my question is if i “can” include in my ind. design portfolio vehicle design projects. The point is that i am affraid that if they see my great interest in car design they will advise me to go for trans design and exclude me from their assesment panel…

thanx for your time…

p.s. i forgot to mention that i already hold a ba degree and making an effort for a ma…

Thats a great question.

I think it is OK to pepper in a few trans projects, but you should present a tailored portfolio. You don’t want it to be trans heavy. On the flip side you want the portfolio that goes to trans schools to be very trans heavy, but with a sprinkling of great product to show diversity.

Here’s an important question for you. What do you want to do? If the answer is strongly trans, I would suggest focusing your efforts on putting together the best portfolio to that end as possible. If you are not sure, continue as is. And if Trans is an interest but not something you would give your everything to (I’ve heard that’s often what it takes to cut into that field) focus you time on being a great industrial designer.

Best of luck. Is your BA in ID? That might help clear things up as well.

yo, pretty much i agree with you and that is what i have in my mind too.

The prob is that even now, i do not know what to do. In my spare time i design cars, rarely something else than that…On the other hand, is safer to move in id field i guess in terms of employment.

yes, my ba is in ID.

If you already have a BA in ID you should be ready to rock there. I might get some flak for this, but the only reason to continue on to a masters in ID is if you want to teach full time in ID. And even then you can still teach full time in ID with a masters in Trans.

I’d focus on the trans schools, you still have your back up undergraduate in ID if upon graduation trans is tight. There are a lot less jobs in that feild, but if you pass and go for a masters in ID you petty much nullify your chances of getting a trans job.

Just my take, I should have followed my own advice.