Vectorizing..T-Shirt Company

Does anyone know a simple way of vectorizing? trying to start up a Tshirt/clothing company and I want to be able to take my drawings scan them and be able to vectorize them so I can put them on T shirts…If any one has any ifo about this kind of stuff it’d be great…I’ve got a website up…sort of simple right now Im only a high school senior just trying to get a business off the ground…the website is theres not much up right now because I don’t have anyone really running the website and I’m just the one that designs and does the drawings and everything…if anyone has anything that would be helpful thatd be great…thankss

You should probably get Adobe Illustrator. You can manually trace your artwork or use the Live Trace feature, which automatically converts your image into vectors. Once you pick up illustrator the tutorials should get you going.

You shouldn’t need to vectorize. Black and white bitmaps work fine for creating photo-processed silkscreens.

But if you do, you should look at Corel Draw. It has a robust tracing program and is the standard in the silkscreen & vinyl-cut signmaking industry.