vector world map?

hello. i am looking for vector artwork (free, of course) of a world map. i don’t need country names or boundaries, just land outlines. i need the kind of map that’s flat (projection?), not rounded. i’ve been looking and looking for hours, but i can’t find what i need. this is for a personal project, so i can’t spend any money. if you have advice or links, i would really appreciate it.

Have you tried

They have several vector maps. They are not free, but only cost a couple bucks.

This one has every individual country in the world. For only one credit.

You could have found an image and made one in a matter of 20-30 minutes with Illustrator, why spend hours looking?

i was looking for something of decent quality (yes, i know it’s hypocritical to expect decent quality to be free). after spending time looking and finding nothing suitable, i did draw my own version, although it took considerably longer than 20-30 minutes. at least the results are exactly what i need. thanks anyway.

Sorry to here you are that week in vector programs. I used the time based on how long it took me to trace a scaned atlas image, trace the main outline of the continents for a web page done for class project.

search “world maps free .pdf”

open the pdf in illustrator