Vase Manufacturing!

Hello Everyone,

I intend to manufacture this vase with british flag printed on it and 2012 olympics written on it.
What materials will be best to manufacture the vase?. I am looking for cheapest option. Also how can I get stuffs printed on it. Does anybody know cheapest vase manufacturers, who can do everything from making to printing on it.

I want matte finish on the vase. Quantities I will decide on price.

Thank You.

I can’t wait to see everything in the next year have the union jack thrown on it.

The words “2012 Olympics” may be copyrighted where you live. In the past, non-official sponsors have gotten away by using words like “Summer Games” or “Winter Games” next to their logo. :wink:

Be warned…
Anything with the words Olympics or the symbol of the rings is definitely copyrighted and the Olympic Organizing Committee will for certain come after you.
When the games were here in Vancouver they sent cease-and-desist orders to a Pizzeria called Olympia, a company called Olympic First Aid, -and these were long standing businesses that really had nothing to do with the Olympics.

Olympic souvenirs are a huge moneymaker and are fiercely protected…

Thank You everyone.
I won’t write anything that would be an offence. I just need to print Flag on it. What should be done to manufacture it.

Thank You.

The cheapest way to print on ceramics in short runs and custom would be with dye sublimation process. Digital print on paper, heat transfer onto the ceramics. Get the ceramics made to order or find something that is similar enough online.

Like these machines

Out of curiosity, what made you choose a vase?

for matte finish use bisque porcelain with fired decal. can be done in one high temp and one low temp firing. best factories for this are in china. send me an email for more info on specific sources.

FYI, your Union Jack is upside down.

FYI, your Union Jack is upside down.

Now that would have been a classic fa’up!