Vanity Rendering and Finished Product.

Here is a vanity I did in my Rendering class a couple of years ago. This was one of my first renderings ever, so no bashing please. But I knew that I wanted to build a budget vanity for a new house I was building. So in total this project cost me 250$ per unit (sink, materials, stain, veneer)minus labor.

Here is the rendering:

Here is the final product installed:

I like the overall design, but I would like to see some development material like sketches, molding procedures and such. Also, can we have more pictures of the sink?

Saad B.

The sink and tap I bought from Rona. Keep in mind this was built on a very low budget and to produce a sink would not be cheap. Sorry no sketches, execpt for old crappy rendering. I knew what I wanted as far as the look so I found the sink that would fit my look and went from there. Once the sink was choosen I was constrained to its dimensions and played with the length in a modeling program…