OK Vancouver IDers…chime in.

I had lunch with Van_ID this week and was thinking its high time to start getting the local design scene mingling.

Lunches, Friday Drinks…something…anything.

Listen to those crickets chirping…


This is disappointing. If your still interested or if anyone is interested in getting this going I would be game. After attending a IDSA presentation in Seattle last year I became very aware of the lack of a design scene in Vancouver. Makes me sad.

im not in vancouver, but would like to be, so do group up! Sometimes its hard to know what companies/studios are over there.

Is anyone attending planning on attending the Grad Show at Emily Carr, or the upcoming screening of Objectified?

This should be a pretty good event for ID in Vancouver.
According to the film’s website the show is sold out.

I think the local BCID chapter is suggesting drinks at Toby’s Pub (a couple of blocks away) after the show. I’m sure it will get announced during the evening.

Looks like Vancouver’s got some life!

A 2nd show of Objectified has been added on May 5.

Also - Pecha Kucha night Vol6 is at the Park Theatre on May 21.

Anything happening lately @ VanCity? I agree, there should be more of a community here. I have a bunch of classmates @ ECUAD that’s been talking about starting a local community, even potential design “competitions” open to everyone local just to get things started. But it all comes down to the usual, if you want it done you have to do it yourself.

So, anybody up to try and starting a local community with semi-regular get social gatherings, etc? I can get a bunch of present and past Emily Carr to join in, but don’t really know anyone in the field outside school.

Nicanor -

I would suggest you get in touch with/join the local BCID chapter. They try and organize events for the local ID community and are always looking for people to help cultivate new ideas and build the community.

The most recent event was an opportunity to collaborate with the IDSWest show in turning old phone booths into something “new” - The results will be shown at the IDS show this fall.

Their next event is a BBQ at Trout Lake on August 26th co-hosted with the local graphic design chapter.

I heard there is a big party coming up at ip_Wirelessly’s house…

Next week is Emily Carr’s grad presentations, from tuesday to thursday (roughly 9-4 daily, 30 minutes per presentation). It’s open to the public if anyone’s interested, will be held at the motion caption room upstairs in the North Building.

Mine will be on Thursday about 11am.

Emily Carr is soon having their Industry Night, invite only preview for the design grad show. It’ll be held friday April 30th. If anybody is interested message me and I can put you on the contact list. Good way to network other design-related people in Vancouver… and to check out this year’s grad projects (including mine).

Aw, just missed this message nicanor…

If there is anything coming up keep us posted guys, would be great to have Vancouverites talking in an online community!

Hey, might be coming to van for a couple of days in a week or so for a meeting. May 15-17. Hit me up if anyone is up for a beer or two should schedule permit.


IDSwest 2011
September 29 - October 2, 2011
New Vancouver Convention Centre.

The New Vancouver Convention Centre
1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC
Located at the foot of Burrard Street, North of Cordova

Buy tickets online and recieve $2 off box office price in May 2011.

Public Dates and Hours:
Thursday, September 29 - Opening Night Event 6PM-10PM
Friday, September 30 - Trade Only, no general public 10AM-4PM
Friday, September 30 - Open to the public 4PM-9PM
Saturday, October 1 - General Public 10AM-6PM
Sunday, October 2 - General Public 10AM-5PM

@rkuchinsky I’de be up for meeting up for a beer if some other people want to join in too. I believe that the Emily Carr Grad show will br on that week as well. Granville Island Brewery and the gradshow?

… yup that’s why i left and never looked back. there’s simply aren’t enough companies locally to support ID.

I think getting the Vancouver design scene going would be fantastic!

I highly highly encourage professionals in the Vancouver area to interact with Emiy Carr’s design students. That is where a lot of the energy is to get involved and develop a broader community.

Keynote speaker at IDSWest is Ross Lovegrove…September 30th

Also - Burnkit is hosting an exhibition/party at their office called Prototypes.

Mmmm. Vancouver is really far from the rest of the world, ha? Well guess what, friend of mine , who is a graphic designer, traveled all the way to Vancouver for some local design event. That must be a special place…

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