Vancouver 2010 Olympic Medals

These are some sweet looking medals!

Fun stuff. Inspired by the snow drifts of Whistler? I like the graphics and braille on the paralympic ones.

It almost looks like Canada has designers. Somebody needs this to stop!

They were probably designed by an American company :wink:

I heard that every medal is unique. No 2 medals have the same graphics, etc.

Nope! -all designed here in Vancouver. (for once!)

The ID is by Vancouver based industrial designer Omer Arbel and the artwork is from Corrine Hunt.

check out Omer’s other stuff here:

And Corrine’s work here:

why are they wavy? Left on the radiator?

they should have left them in the mold longer so they wouldnt warp


here’s a short video doc about the design of the medals, pretty neat in my books!

Made of recycled computer parts… looks pretty cool, like the rounded-square one.

for those that can’t make it in Vancouver, here’s the official video that they show in loop at the Canadian Mint pavilion about the medals. I saw them in person (displayed at the pavilion), they were twice as big as I originally expected. The square ones are the Paralympic’s version, I kind of like those better.

Anyone know the typeface they’re using on everything? LOVE IT.

Apparently a custom face made from an existing one:

Neo Sans “Unicase”

unique concept…good work