Value -> Monetary, Cultural, Emotional, Perceived

WHAT IS VALUABLE TO YOU?.. why?.. What is valuable when it comes to “wants” and “needs”?

this sounds like a thesis paper expected to be answered in a paragraph. How about an easier question like “what is art” :mrgreen:

What is valuable to me:

Doing what I want (design)
Living comfortably (having enough to eat, shelter, health care)
Leaving some sort of positive lasting legacy or impact on human culture
Doing my best to minimize my negative impact on the environment if not improve it.
Experiencing as many objects, people, and places that inspire me as possible

I didn’t number them because the hold an approximately equal level of value to me…

It may become a thesis paper at some point… but for now i am more focused on what YOU value.

Do you value a pair of vintage Air Force Ones, do you value your wedding band, do you value a home made meal over a fillet mignon at a fancy restaurant?.. And what is the value you are willing to pay?.. Do you pay more for whole foods than fruit bought at a convenience store?.. why?

I value useful, high quality things. simplicity is a plus, but a truly well designed product has it’s own grace no matter what it looks like. When simplicity is pushed to an extreme it can be just as gaudy as the most obnoxious over-design (look at the horrific modernist buildings from the earlier part of this century).

Take the shoes I am wearing right now for an example. Adidas sambas. Very successful and widespread model of shoe. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that it’s one of their older designs. Functional, extremely comfortable (they mold to your feet over time so much that wearing someone else’s pair is very uncomfortable) but they look pretty good as well. Their simplicity sets them apart as somewhat classier than horrible sneakers covered in golden zig zag and mesh fabrics and crazy molded rubber shapes, but at the same time, if they had been designed to an extreme of simplicity (no details, flat black or white, etc) they would be almost as obnoxious. The sambas seem natural, not designed.

when you are the last one of the world and you want to live,what do you want is "need "

I think the desired objects itself physically is meaningless, but what it represents in your past history that makes it meaningful. In the Objectified movie, one of the people there said it the best. When you’re house is on fire you grab that minute object (like a picture frame), not other objects thinking it got a good review on blogs or won design awards.

That’s a… big question.

My freedom, my love, my memories, my travels, my experiences, life… that’s what I value and meaningful to me. it’s more related to large concepts than small materialist list. If my house is on fire, I will not one second think about taking a picture frame… (first because I have too many), but I’ll make sure the wife and kids are out safe…

At the bottom of the pyramid lies the most potential value, not necessarily the most valuable, due to supply and demand. Abundance dilutes value, and uniqueness concentrates it. Values changes.