valentines post for re-posts

Thought you folks might like to have this image for your special other. Flowers and grass painted in 6 minutes using paint effects in Maya 8.5

so the grass blades and dandelion things are part of a “shader”, like a really crazy texture map? Is it like the fur shader they used on Sully Monsters Inc?

Just curious.

nice image too, I wish they were roses sticking up out of the grass though, even though that’s not how they grow.

It is not really a shader. you paint and a 3d fractal based geometry grows out of the page. Each rose and blade of grass is different from the next.

I tried to get a florest friend of mine interested in Maya and she figured Maya the software was a load of crap because roses will get choked by the grass. Funny hu. I guess I did not learn my lesson.