Vaccum Form Carbon Fiber

Does anyone know or have any info on vac forming carbon fiber - cost, the process ect…anything…thanks

not vacuum formed.

In my experience. you need small parts with GOOD annual volumes to even get these guys interested.


Vacform it huh? Interesting concept if possible… Perhaps it could be sandwiched between two clear thermoplastic sheets? Or a clear meltable resin could be woven into the carbonfiber?

you aren’t thinking of vacuum BAGGING are you?

wet layup in an open mold with a bleeder sheet and stuck into a polyethylene bag and vacuum applied?

yeah vacuum bagging is that the only processes? if so hwy can i get info from, thanks

There are many ways of forming carbon - if you could tell me more about what you are trying to do – what kind of shapes – material thickness - I’m sure I can help you in the right direction.

cg - vacum forming Carbon is very easy

then for the rest of us who aren’t as inteligent as you in the vacum forming carbon industry perhaps you could provide some more info, as in link, process, how to.

your mastery of identifying someone elses ignorance is matched only by your desire to keep that information to yourself.