VA Tech Sketching and Solidworks Workshop!

I will be hosting a half day workshop and a full day workshop at VA Tech later this month. Afternoon of January 20th and all day on the 21st. Working now to plan out the specific details with student IDSA members. If you are at VA Tech, I hope to see you. Our main focus will be Sketching (maybe Sketchbook Pro also) and Solidworks.

OK, who is planning to attend next week? Any questions or comments ahead of time? I have been working with Daniel Calabrese (Senior at VT) to plan. Looks to be a fun event.

Not a student at VT, but will you guys be video taping/putting online the content? I’d love to see how you get your line quality in SBPro/clean up your linework. Some quick rendering tips would be nice, too. Your shortcuts and habits too.


Good questions and suggestions.

We will be doing two evening Solidworks sessions. One Thursday and one Friday. These will be very detailed and directed towards control over the program, surfacing, assembly theory and a strong direction towards building for manufacturing.

Thursday afternoon, we will be holding small group sketching (paper) workshops. This will be me, and a group of students (4-6) at a similar level working for an hour or so together. This will be very direct and will allow specific questions and demos between the students and myself. Friday, we will finish off this and more than likely do a Sketchbook Pro demo. Not 100% sure on this, but working out the details now.

If we are not doing video here, I will work on getting some videos on here. I have dragged my feet doing this for Spencer on ID…so, maybe this will motivate me on completing this for him.

AWESOME! Looking forward to it!

Right on man!

@ Tarng…

Yeah, we will be taking video and photos of the whole event. I’ll be posting it up on our IDSA blog and I was planning on posting them here on this thread when the workshops are over.

@ Jeff…

Really looking forward to the event. Last year was great, and this one seems even better!

Wow! That was a lot of participation at the two full day events! The VT students have a good student IDSA chapter and are well organized. Lots of people people doing sketching, lots of people doing SBpro and two late night Solidworks sessions. Seems like everyone had a good time, traveling home today.

There were a lot of pictures and video taken by students. They should be posting them…I think.

In the works of putting the videos together now. I’ll post a teaser video of the sketching workshops, what seems to be about 5 or so sketching demo videos (by Jeff Smith), and pictures from the event.

Thanks again Jeff, everyone had a great time.


Right on Quinn. Keep me posted when you do post them. I am interested to see how they look.

Side note, what video editing are you using now? I need to look for a decent program.

I am having trouble getting the pictures attached here on Core, but I was able to post them on our IDSA blog. Here is a link to the blog…

Hopefully I can get the videos posted on here…

It’s nice to know my mediocre car drawings still live on in the white table. :wink:


It looks like a lot of fun.

hey jeff,

really enjoyed learning from you sketchbook pro workshop. i learned alot in the short amount of time. thanks alot for coming and hope you visit again

You are welcome! Glad you learned and had a good time. I assume the VT Student IDSA chapter will figure out something for next years as well.

OK, Quinn just emailed this to me. First time attempting to post a video here…

OK, I give up. I can get the link to work…but can not get the video to show up here. Any tips on what I am doing wrong?