VA Tech Sketch Workshop/Presentation

All VA Tech students! Make sure you check out the workshop next Friday the 19th. I will be there hosting an all day event. We will have three sections.

1- A presentation about me, what I do and some of my thoughts on design and designer lifestyle.

2- Sketch Workshop - Come out and get dirty! If you are the best or worst in your class, I am a believer you can get better! This workshop is based on rapid idea generation and how to communicate it in a visual language.

3- Working Session - This is a short design exercise geared to use rapid concept skills. This is a fun, challenging event.

Hope to see all of you there!
Jeff Smith


Make sure you make some people take you out for a traditional VT happy hour. :smiley:


I think I can speak for most of us at VT when I say I’m pretty damn excited for your workshop. :slight_smile: It should be a pretty good turnout; our IDSA chapter has info up about it, emails have been/will circulate about it and word-of-mouth should ensure that everyone knows about it…


Right on! I am also excited for the workshop/presentation. Come prepared to work and get dirty! Two out of the three sessions will be extremely “hands on”.


Great session today at VA Tech!

Cool! good to hear it was fun Jeff. Any examples from the session?

Hello Jeff,

That was an excellent presentation and the workshops were amazing! I highly recommend more universities take advantage of such an opportunity. There was a lot of very useful information and inspiration, and came across very effectively. The workshops were a lot of fun, and I look forward to continue using the techniques I learned yesterday. Thanks again for coming to VT, and I hope we can see you again in the future.



Nope, left it all there. Plus, my sketch workshop demo there was more “core sketch elements”. Simple shapes to verify 3pt perspective, line weight control (rules), quality and how to create a personal “style”. The other workshop was all the students designing…and that was good.


Glad you liked it! VT has a dedicated group of students. Ready to work and learn. Talked to Danny Friday night, might try to set up a Solidworks workshop for the fall.

If there are students out there who want to set up a presentation/workshop, just send me an email. We can see if it can be set up.