V-Ray vrs Bunkspeed HyperShot

I am currently looking for a better rendering option out of Rhino than Flamingo or Brazil. I would like to keep the cost down on the software also. So after my search the finalist are V-Ray and Bunkspeed HyperShot. Please chime in with thoughts, experiences, advantages, disadvantages with these programs.


Thanks for the help,

I’d like to know too and if there is academic pricing available and where best to buy.

bunkspeed, hands down…

For the most part bunkspeed will get you the results you want in like 10-20 min.

Its fast and the results are awesome, I love the realtime capability it has.

Depends on what you want, bunkspeed can get you 95% photo-real. For most everyday industrial design work it rocks.

What are you using it for? Presentations or photo-real renderings?

I’d use it mostly for photoreal renderings. Now I use lightdomes in flamingo and it takes hours. It wold be nice to speed up the process.

Where is the best pricing? Any suggestions for academic pricing?

If you are using Flamingo bunkspeed while be a step up, check out the gallery and download the demo. Not suer of the academic pricing, email them?

Which Bunkspeed package did you get or are you using. Looks like pricing is based on resolution.

we use the the middle version. the one just below unlimited. The images are great. There is nothing that compares even remotely close to Hypershot.

I will be using it for product mostly. Quick vis and the occasional photo realistic. Brett what are you using it for? Does the real time rendering slow down work flow at all?

Hypershot is fantastic, I use it for just about every render now. There are some limits though. It isn’t very good at decals, and LED’s are a pain to create and have them look real.
I usually just add decals in Photoshop, since it is still much quicker to do that than add and place decals and setup lights in Flamingo (which I have)

The interface does take a while to get used to mostly because it is so simple and focused just on doing one thing, incredible renderings quickly

I think they do have academic pricing, just email them and they will send you the info. They have been very good to work with.

BTW, I am not connected in anyway to Bunkspeed, I’m just a satisfied customer

How do the texture mapping features in Bunkspeed compare with those in flamingo?

I would say it is very different. The first thing is to get textures to work in Hypershot you have to prep your model in Rhino.

What I have found to work best for me is to convert the model to to mesh in Rhino, that way I can increase the mesh on important parts, and decrease the mesh to save render time on the less visible parts. Then in Rhino you have to assign the texture map and tell it what type of mapping to use. Then I like to assign the parts a color under materials just using the basic color selection (not Flamingo). I like to make all of the parts very different colors so that they are easy to see and assign color to in Hypershot.

Once the model is in Hypershot I have found that typically there are enough materials in their stock library to get something that is close to what I am looking for and then I just copy it and change it to get what I want.

For me the biggest problem is that being used to Flamingo which sees to me to be very logical, that Hypershot has very different and with more settings. I am still trying to figure out what I am really changing when I adjust certain things in a material.

Thanks for the input Toggs

Bunkspeed just posted tutorials for Hypershot.

Gives a good quick intro to the program’s power.


Any tips on the best place to buy for a professional and also for a student?

hypershot offers student/faculty licenses for $99. you get the HD version of the software which is $1000 regularly. send them an email and they will email you back a form.

V-ray is often used like a plug-in with differents softwares, and if you get v-ray with a soft with excellent capabilities on texturing, there are a lot of possibilities to generate great hiper-realism images.

But with bukspped hypershop you’re gonna speed your process due the user interface , in the other hand (v.ray)you must control a lot terms related to photons and stuff like that.

There a lot of technical specifications you can talk about, but the best software for rendering is the one that fits on what you need … the rest are some few days merging the user with the GUI… and the soft worlkflow…

I’m a Vray user,

One thing I can say, is that being able to render with Vray within Rhino is great. It’s a plug in, so you don’t have to export, run another app, then import. I did that with Lightwave and Image Studio for years, and I never liked that process.

I think they both produce great results.

My 2 cents.

Vray has a pretty steep learning curve, but is easy once you get a general setup that you like. I have been using it for my most recent renderings, and I have been very happy with my results.

I am considering switching to Maxwell, having just built an eight-core rendering desktop. If you have the cpu power, Maxwell is hands down the best for photoreal images.

I checked out bunkspeed thoroughly at SIGGRAPH as was impressed with the ease and quality. I also noticed they have slashed the price to make it more competitive to “everyone else.” About time, dudes!

H-o-w-e-v-e-r, its a separate application and not a “plug-in” like they try to tell you. That means you have to do a export / import each and every time you change the model. For me and my clients, its a deal killer.

I researched all of the true Rhino plug-ins such as V-ray, Brazil, and Maxwell. I ended up going with Vray due to their strong feature set, long track record, reasonable price ($500 unlimited cores) and abundance of tutorials (they also port to Max, Maya, and SketchUp.)

I’m wondering if HyperShot can manage the following:

  1. Layers
  2. Cameras
  3. Complex UVs.
  4. Displacement

Does anybody know?