Hi everyone,

Happy Holidays!

I was about to purchase the educational version of V-Ray for Rhino from Novedge.com (strictly for school use and to render my Rhino models for my portfolio) but was wondering if anyone has it and if there is a watermark limitation?

I called Novedge and their rep insists there is one, but there is no mention of the watermark anywhere on their page or on Chaosgroup’s website either.

I figured I’d double-check with a current user of Vray for Rhino Educational. Anyone know? And if there is a watermark, is it all over the render or is it somewhere where one can photoshop it out?

Thanks guys.

Ok, I just got an answer to my question from the people at Chaosgroup/Vray:

We confirm that the Academic V-Ray for Rhino version does not have watermark.

in case anyone was curious.

It is fully functional, like the professional version, except it is to be used for educational purposes.

As long as it’s being used for educational use only, I see no reason why it should have a watermark. I just recently purchased the VRay for Rhino and my rendering quality has increased 100 fold. It’s really an amazing program!! Took me a while to figure out decals but for the most part, it works similarly to 3D Max. Since I had been using Flamingo for the past few years, it was a definite upgrade to my presentations.

Get ready for a learning curve if you are used to flamingo. vray is much more technical and has many more options that other rendering programs from rhino, but it isnt bad. If you are just getting started out and have any questions, head on over to flyingarchitecture.com. Although relatively new and small, the people there are extremely helpful.

Once you learn how to speed up the render times and get a good material library started, you will never go back.

Thanks for the info, guys! I can’t wait to use it now. I recently purchased it but haven’t had time to play around with it. I currently use Keyshot educational version and it is great, but I can’t wait to see what Vray has to offer!

I taught myself V-Ray for Rhino last year. It kills.

wow, those renderings are FIERCE! I can’t wait to start learning it. Haven’t had the time since I got it 2 weeks ago! :slight_smile: but now you have certainly got me intrigued. By the way, have you used Keyshot or Bunkspeed and if so, what differences have you noticed with regards to Vray? Thanks for the inspiration!

Vray for Rhino is the only rendering app or plug-in I’ve used or know so far. If I do learn another anytime soon, modo would be my choice.

Very nice. Thanks! I will let you know how my Vraying turns out. :slight_smile:

Nice render Marc! How does Vray handle Depth of Field?