uv sensitive material


does anyone know of a paint finish or material which would naturally break down when exposed to sunlight? what I am hoping to achive is to have a surface which gradually flakes off or fades over time to reaveal another surface underneath.

thanks for your help

hey crutch,

You didn’t mention the environment that you’ll be operating in, or the time frame, but the coating you’re seeking is damned near everything.

The paint on my truck lasted about five years before it started to fade, and then the clear topcoat started to peel; and it was urethane-based product.

I would think old-world, basic lacquers and white shellacs, would get you what you need; add more thickness to increase life-span. A lot of water-based products are out now; I’d bet a dollar (US) to a doughnut that they would break down under UV fairly quickly.

Possibly a simple answer to a complex question…

You could maybe expediate the process by sticking your work into a PCA. Or a cheaper, and more availible option, get some UV blues and build a light box to fry it.