UV Coating / CMF Questions

I’m working on a product where we are trying to achieve a painted metallic (more satin finish) with a gloss logo. The product is portable/handheld in size, used in multiple environments and handled a lot (so needs to have durable finish). Currently we have samples that have a metallic paint, with a gloss logo and then a UV coating applied to entire part. The result is the metallic paint has a more gloss appearance then wanted and the logo is also gloss. How can I achieve a more dry/satin metallic with gloss logo, that has good durability?

Some additional questions: Can you pad print in a clear gloss? Can you screen print in gloss? When do you opt for screen printing vs pad printing (I’m working on consumer products/small/ metal and plastic parts)? Can a UV coating/ print just be applied over a printed color logo or are there alignment issues?

Do you have an ME on your team? These are all issues I’ve typically worked with an ME on and set up UV and durability testing to ensure the results performed adequately in use.