UTS or UNSW in Sydney, Australia?

Wich one would you recommend?

  • UTS: University of Technology Sydney
  • UNSW: University of South Wales, Sydney

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Hi, well I just applied for the english course in Sydney and I`ll be there by August 2007. Hopefully I will start a master degree in design by March 2008.

After researching a lot I have two possible choices:

1. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH WALES: UNSW (Master of Design with a design management focus).

2. UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY: UTS (Master of Design and I can also learn a lot about management design here).

I hope you can help me making the best decision here, I`m an Industrial Designer and I love design management and design direction, I also love furniture design and enviromental design (private and public spaces).

Please tell me everythin you know about these two universities, your opinions and advices!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :slight_smile:

Hi mancho!

So exactly what course are you planning to go for at UNSW, cause can’t seem to find MA of Industrial Design at their site.

I’m only asking because I did my BA of ID at UNSW a few years back and I might be able to give you some insight before you go make your choice.
By the way, some of my friends and workmates did their degree at UTS, so I can give you a fair and honest overview of this two university.

Hi Gabes, thank you for your help. Well, at UNSW they have a Master of Design, not exactly a MA of Industrial Design, but it is seems to be really good, and with a strong design management content.

The seam master is available at UTS so thats why I need to know a lot about these two Universities so I can make the best decision.

Thanks again!

You can email me if you have any particular question regarding this two university, and I will try to answer them if I can.