Usual Number of Sales (Design/Novelty Brands)

I know that most of the brands give you 5% of wholesale cost, but does somebody knows how much you can expect in total? Has anybody worked with such a company and know the total number of products they sell before they move on to a new collection?

And is this different from a novelty oriented brand (Kikkerland/Peleg Design/Fred & Friends) or design oriented brands (Normann Copenhagen/Menu/HAY/Muuto)? I know it all depends on many, many variables, but I am really looking for a ballpark figure (10, 100, 1000, 10000 products).

For example:


It doesn’t have to be any of these companies, I looking for any information I can get. I know there is a great Core77 article, but I am looking for more examples (Product Licensing 101: So Let's Talk Money - Core77).