USPTO now allowing shapes to be trademarked

Forgo patents, these expire. Trademarks can be renewed.


well kids you now and fully have a target on your back sides…better go and get a law degree.

Yes, trademark law is very powerful. In this case, the correct terminology is Trademark Configuration. However it’s not that easy as detailed in the article.

But, don’t forego patent protection. Each area of the intellectual property law serves different purposes.

Apple is the perfect corporate model for utilitizing the latest technololgy, product design, business and law.

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A few quick thoughts:

  1. Lazy design and management pushed them to do this. When everyone hadn’t knocked-off the candy translucent design of the iMac, Apple must have been mad. Now they own their look in almost every way.

This shows how important design is to them. All of these patents and trademarks cost money in terms of the legal team behind the IP and advertising budget to imprint the iPod shape into consumer’s heads.

  1. Notice, I said they own the look in almost every way:

“[T]he design of a portable and handheld digital electronic media device comprised of a rectangular casing displaying circular and rectangular shapes therein arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.”

This leaves a lot of space to break their trademark. What if I make a mechanical handheld device, or a fixed electronic device? I guess I can copy the look in those situations.

ahh risk v reward, with that level of protection and their bank book the cost of “twiggin” their noses is mighty high…

For a long time it took energy and education convincing corporate folks to spend and invest in design. Well, similar efforts are needed to convince folks to spend and invest in legal protection, especially the small companies.

For those who really get “it” are way ahead of the game.

Now we can use the iPod as a good design example again. This time we can tell clients, “Look at how much Apple is spending to DEFEND their design”. Maybe we can also tell them, “We can’t make it like an iPod, do you want to get sued?”

Without “defending” their designs, or proactively seeking legal protection from knock-off artists and counterfeiters would simply be bad business practice. I always tell my clients to have a legal and design budgets.

Personally, iPOD design (functionally, especially) is annoying. I prefer tactile user interface.

tacticl for a zillion functions…really now

I prefer telepathy.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this develops.

Will BMW now trademark Flame Surfacing as a core component of their brand identity?

As far as the iPhone/Touch goes, there are some technical reasons why the cap touch glass screen has a metal bezel around it, which is why most other companies producing similar products end up with a similar front face layout. I wonder if this will make this “iconic” feature indefensible in trademark form?

I also wonder how you describe form in legal terms :smiley:

Anyone can challenge a patent or trademark for validity. The USPTO gives everyone (w/ interest and money) a window of opportunity to challenge any pending patents or trademarks before they are issued or granted registration. In fact, one can challenge any patent or trademark even after they are issued or registered.

“Form” in trademark lingo is “configuration.”

Zippy, let me check - iPOD doesn’t have zillions of functions. I prefer my blackberry way more.

iPOD is a 2-D design wonder backed by a very well thought out tech-biz strategy.

i use a cricket phone…only features that have merrit for me.

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its because we are far older, wiser and more experianced…dig?

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