Using Other peoples stock images?

What type of photo credit should one give in their portfolio when using a third party stock image? Where are good places to source stock images? Can I use Flickr or Google images and find some good ones, or is this not alright?

PS: This is for a student portfolio.

I don’t see a problem, but it may be a good idea to get into the habit of using one of the real/professional stock photo sites, like corbis or shutterstock

Yeah, if I were getting paid/ had money I would, for both quality and to avoid any legal issues down the line. However it is in a document that not too many people see. But I agree once I enter the professional ranks I would want to use 100% legal stock images.

There are typically free low-res “comps” on those sites. If its just filler, there’s probably no need to sweat it.


When I was a student, we used images for free. As a starving student, sometimes you have to be clever and creative. No worries about legality until I hit the pro ranks

So, I think your ok

typically, if it’s for internal use (ie. concept presentations) there is no issue in using images from stock photos, flickr, or google images. Same goes for portfolio pages, I would think. If you are putting something to use for web marketing of a product or ad campaign, yes, you should use RM (rights managed images) or otherwise legal pics (ie, CC images listed for commercial use).

Obviously it goes without saying that these pics are for something to show use, context or other, not showing the pics as your own photos in a photo portfolio or something.


Thanks for the input.