Using Linkedin. Career Paths.

Hello all.

I was just wondering how you guys are using Linkedin. Right now I’m a pretty “passive” Linkedin user in that I wait for people to message me/add me as a connection.

As I am becoming more and more interested in lifestyle driven design and realize traditional ID isn’t my true passion. Watches, footwear, bags, apparel, etc have me most excited. I would love to engage in conversation with some people that are successful in these areas of design to find out more about these opportunities. Is “cold” messaging/adding on Linkedin proper? It’s hard to compose a note with the message length limitations. Has any one upgraded?

Generally, I’ve been realizing how many different paths there are within product design and even MORE within design as a whole. It’s getting a bit overwhelming, and I’d love to learn more about the paths of others.



I Think this might be a good way for you to link in. I am in that industry and would be happy to connect with you. I Always like to make new contacts.
Daniel Stearman

I too have been questioning this. There are several areas that I want to start networking, but dont really know the acceptable thing to do. I am also a passive user of linkedin and facebook. I get annoyed when people that I dont even know friend request me because we went to the same high school. I do not want to create that sort of animosity in my professional career circle by connecting to people that I dont know just because the are in my field.

I use LinkedIn as making myself visible to recruiters. I do this by joining groups relative to my industry or professional interest. My profile is loaded with keywords so I come up in their searches. As a result, I get contacted about opportunities that I’m not aware of or publically announced.

I do review who my connection requests are coming from. I’ll make connections with people that I’ve met through professional circumstances. Personal connections I leave for FB and I often do not mix the two.

Feel free to add me to your network. I added PackageID a few weeks ago.

I wouldn’t bother upgrading. I did for a short period of time and I did not see the advantages. That’s when my wife informed me that the upgrade option is reall for hiring managers and recruiters.

Link someone after you’ve had contact with them (chatted, emailed, interviewed), or get someone to introduce you via LinkedIn.

You know what? When we are talking discussions about business, I prefer this forum over Linked In. The level and quality of debate on here is far superior to the back slapping that goes on on LI.

I get the impression that many users on LI are afraid to say what they really think because many are tripping over themselves to impress recruiters. We are honest and frank on Core and I really value that.

The groups on LI are spoiled by spam accounts that never get deleted despite them being reported. I’m pretty annoyed at the amount of spam I’ve received via connecting to people /commenting on someones posts on there.

Sure it has it’s uses and I’m currently working with a couple of contacts that I made via LI

I use it as an address book mainly.

I connect to most people I know or have met professionally, and reach out to those I know of (and I think might know of me) or I am interested in.

I’m in a few groups, but I don’t find them particularly useful.

I like it as a resource on hand. Like yo mentioned- as more of an address book.

Furthermore, I have been contacted for job opportunities through it, so it is another way to get your name out there.

It is a low cost effort to set up for the possibility of it having a big impact.

I’ve been away since I’ve posted, but I appreciate the responses.

Daniel. I will contact you shortly. I’m interested in your path. Appreciated.

Joyride. Yes, facebook and Linkedin are absolutely different. There are people I’d like to reach out to, but I don’t want to come off “Facebookey.” I guess this is the root of my question, how can I connect with people I don’t know but would like to learn from.

Boosted. The groups is a good idea. I wasn’t really in any groups. At first pass, I think there could be some value in this.

Tarngerine. Have you had success with the Linkedin introductions. That seems interesting.

Rachel and Yo. Yes, it serves as an address book for me as well. I think I’m going to give the “or people I am interested in” a try.

Thanks again all.


I have been on linkedin for a few months now and found some discussions useful, but I am only connected to people who (a)I have physically met in person (b) went to uni with or (c) worked with.

I would probably feel a bit awkward adding people from here to start with, but then again, why the hell not. You only live once.

It’s kind of like approaching girls when you’re in junior high. The first one who looks at you funny and says “what do you want” devastates you, but after 3 or 4 you start to not care what they think. A girl asked me what I wanted in high school when I went up to talk to her and I said “can I have the rest of your sandwich?”.

Be comedy confident and eversbodies will love you.

This thread describes perfectly why I hate Linked In so much.

NB you might have to join the Footwear Industry Group to view it.

At least on Core we can be bothered to read the OP’s requests properly before we respond. Just sayin’…