Using iPad for concept work

Hey all,

I originally posted this topic under the “Sketching” tab but I would repost this topic here under Software and Tech. I’ll just post a couple of examples but there are more under my post in the Sketching tab.

Well like many out there I can’t afford a Cintiq but I do have an iPad. I wanted to see if I could replicated what do in my professional life with an iPad. For my job I use photoshop for concepts. Over the years I’ve searched the web for examples of iPad design stuff but only found a lot rough sketching stuff. So I set out to see if you can create high quality images on an iPad. I To use it for something more than just ideation sketches. Now that I’ve done a few images I wanted to share my doodles in case anyone else was wondering if anything good can come out of an iPad. Since my goal is more about what I can create on the iPad and not about design, I generally just grab an interesting photo off the net and then try to render it. Here is what I am using:


  • iPad mini
  • bamboo stylus


  • Artstudio App= this is the closest app to photoshop IMHO.
  • Inkpad= closest app to Illustrator. You can export to illustrator as well.
  • Snapseed= for post image work like tilt shift, level adjustments, framing the final image.


  • Wrist monitor= I just did this last night. It took about 3 hours from beginning sketch to final render. I am also uploading a comparison to the reference image I used.
  • App icons= this is just in case you wanted to look these apps up and give a try yourself.

Anyway, I hope this is of interest to others.