does any1 know how to vectorize something that you scanned using illustrator 10?

I don’t think there’s anything you can do in 10 except for drawing it with the pen tool. Upgrade to CS2 and you can do it automatically with the livetrace tool.

aright thanx

It will look better if you take your time and do it with the pen tool. I have cs2 and live trace is pretty good but you have to mess with it in photoshop to get it nice. But for stincels and stuff like that pen tool and a laser cutter will do you right. Also livetrace will make a million points and stuff, so pen tool will be alot smoother and cleaner too.

I’ve been using this little open source app, LineTracer, that works something like the old Adobe Streamline for “vectorizing” raster images. It’s free… give it a whirl: