Using Fabric for Friction (upholstery + furniture)

Hello all,

I’m creating a furniture piece for a contemporary art museum design competition. I decided to create modular “block furniture” where each cushion is 9" thick of varying shapes + sizes. Thus, to create a chair or sofa, you could stack two 9" cushions to create the optimal height. Or 3 to create a back. 4 cushions would be 36" (counter height) and so on. I’ve attached a quick (+ unfinished) rendering to give you all a visual.

I’m looking for a fabric to use to upholster the foam cushions that would create enough traction to prevent slipping. For example, f someone stacks the cushions on top of one another, say 3 cushions high or 27", the fabric would create enough traction to prevent one cushion from slipping away while underneath another.

I think the size of the cushion will help to deter slipping (enough to fit 3 people comfortable, at least) however, any suggestions on fabric to look for + test? I was thinking a high pile fabric, such as a tweed, or gymnastic matting (though that material is disgusting and sweaty…) :cry:

Thanks! :smiley:

We use a material that is a part of a design to turn patients in bed so they don’t develop pressure ulcers.

The material allows easy movement from side to side (x direction) to “turn” them onto fabric covered wedges. But the fabric prevents the patient from sliding down the bed (y direction). Patients slide down because the torso is inclined at 30 degrees to prevent pneumonia.

I believe the fabric is a polyester typically used for lint brushes.