Using downloaded shaders from aliaswavfront website?

I downloaded shaders from
and placed them in the alias shaders file.

I am unable to open them- alias says they are the wrong file type.
How do you use these files once downloaded? Do I need to change the name of each the shader?

There is a simple solution I am just rusty with the program.


load the shaders into studio using the multilister. the leftmost pullup menu in the multilister, named “File” will include a shader browse tool. use that to import shaders. the same menu also allows import of stored environments and lights, though you can only have one environment loaded in a scene file at a time.

to load texture procedures (not bitmap images) into studio shader channels start by selecting the “map” button in the shader editor window. when the texture palette window appears use the “browse” button to load textures.

with one of the more recent releases, like v10 or 10.1, you can now load multiple shaders at once, i think, by selecting multiple items in the file dialog window after you shader browse.

Thanks for your input.
It was a great help.
The project is turning out great!