Using Copics with Vellum

Sorry, I have so many questions D:

So I started my class for Saturday High at ACCD and I have to buy this special paper for my rendering. It’s Wausau Paper “Exact Opaque Colors” (I’m required to have a colored paper, anything but white). It also says under the color (Cream/Green,etc) Vellum Finish. Does this imply that it’s vellum? And will it soak up my marker faster?

well i have used vellum before, the canson kind, and it does soak up markers, when i did a render, after you do a stroke, you have to let it dry. or it will get all on your hand and smear. but the marker moves good and smooth on vellum.

You can also render it in Photoshop, print on the vellum then hit the highs and lows with a marker and pencils… It looks great!


vellum finish != vellum

just buy what they tell you to by. instructors are pretty picky at times. who’s your teacher? tony?

whoa you’re in a saturday high art center class too??? which one??
Im in advanced product and trans with tony yao

Err yea I returned the vellum paper, and got a ream of smooth finish, which actually absorbs quite well and it doesnt dry as fast, so I can blend. But I’m still looking for a marker paper that’s cardstock thickness and off-whitish colored. that would make my day.
Yes, my instructor is Tony.
I’m in the advanced class too. I think I know you hahaha i’m such a lurk.

yeah i recognize your deviantart stuff
did you finish this weeks sketches yet??
mine are turning out better… but still pretty bad…ah well

and for paper- go to a kelly paper!
find one near you- they have an insane selection of paper. Bring a few markers to test out too!

hahaha is it possible to be finished with the sketches in such a short timeframe? :stuck_out_tongue:
eh i messed up really bad because i’m trying to go darker on the colors and my color combinations aren’t working out because of that.

yes, I went to kelly paper and got myself some better paper :smiley: