Using a drawing tablet

Sorry i actually posted this on a wrong forum! I hope this is the right one.

I reciently bought a 9x12 intous 3 drawing tablet. Love it to death. I have a few questions for anyonw who uses a drawing tablet.

  1. Do you sketch line work direct on the tablet, or sketch on paper then use the table to color. I find i’m better working the second way.

  2. Is 9x12 tablet too big?

  3. What resolution should i sketch one? I use an A4 page size but at 72DPI. This is so i can sketch full size on my 18" screen. If i increase the resolution, i lose a sense of scale as i have to zoom in or use bigger brushes to see the line at zoomed out. What do you guys use?

  4. Which is a better sketching program, Alias sketchbook pro, or photoshop? Why?

Thanks in advance.